Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Dolly Company

I just wanted to show off my new dolly "companions" - Miss Nellie Ann from Kentucky (created by my farmgirl friend Frannie)....I just LOVE her red hair :-)

While at my little farmgirl "Cabin Fever" retreat, Miz Frannie gave us a little dolly makin' class. Being new to this new creative venture I am very happy to present, Theresa B. Beeze (named after my co-worker Theresa Brooke who died last year from prolonged complications from breast cancer (the Beeze part of the name comes from the bumblebee pattern sewn on her pocket).
They both sit watching over all of the happenings in my craft room and esp. look after one white furry cat who roams about.

1 comment:

Debra said...

Amy, your doll is beautiful!!! I just love her!! Great job.