Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Camp Jubilee Continues On.....

Well, the girls and I decided not to leave the campsite yet because we were having so much fun, so I decided to extend our little excursion. More people have enjoyed to join us I had it to do.

So tonight I figured that we could sit and watch the stars....
and be by the campfire......

Friday, August 8, 2008

It is Jubilee Time

Howdy farmgirls!

It is time to go on our Jubilee camp out trip. I am so thrilled there is a great number of is going to be a ball. I am looking forward to seeing all of your campsites in our little roundup as well as hearing all of the neat stories and having our own sing-along. Of course, we cannot forget eating yummy farmgirl treats while sitting at the campfire by the light of the moon!

So hitch up those cute trailers and lets head off for the weekend. Most of us will be posting here on the Farmgirl Connection.....while others will be posting in their make sure to also visit:

Deb (aka City Chick) @ My Pondering Place

It is nice and sunny after yesterday's rain. Off I go on a morning hike! Come on everyone.......
More later....maybe a good ol' fashion campfire.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Farmgirl Campout Jubilee

I was inspired after hearing all of the BUZZ about all of the vinatage trailers on the Farmgirl Connection and then seeing Mary Janes's new Outpost book....a real delilght to the eyes! I also have been enjoying recently, the many blog parties/gatherings where people share great stories and pictures as if they were right there. So what is an inspired Farmgirl to do???? I decided to organize an online campout where we would get together and share pictures of our vintage trailers that we own or ones that we would like to own and just dream about them.

Interested in learning more or want to join in on the fun....head over this way :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I just had to share....Miz Frannie is gifting me this lovely, little piece of stitchery. In honor of me and my "honey man". I think it is sooooo sweet...I love stitchery stuff. Looking forward to placing it on my small wrought iron easel in our bedroom. Thanks a bunch :-)

Many hugs!!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Farmgirl 4th

I hope that everyone has a grande and safe holiday!

I will be away visiting family and will also be clogging in/after some parades...these "old" shoes will really be worn out ( and my feet too)......
Trying to dodge the raindrops today along with enjoying watermelon and other yummy goodies. And of course watching the beautiful lights in the sky - fireworks.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back on the Blog Party Bandwaggon

Share with us something you have created lately.
A tea towel, a wall hanging, a new set of kitchen curtains,a dress,an altered art creation...anything "crafty" that you have created lately.
We'd like to see photos of course!
OK, so I I have fell off the blog a thon bandwaggon for a bit....lots of things keeping me from being able to be on the computer to post....but I am back on it now :)

I have to wait to post pics later on this week when I am at my home PC...all of my photos are on there.

I LOVE creating crafty goodness with my hands. I love to make things with paper and I enjoy playing with fabrics and paints...I will even slip some dye colors in too (depending on what I am working with). I also love using vintagey type photos for my work too. I have been playing with wool felt pieces too.

I also love creating artwork for an important cause. I recently added my creative 2 cents in a wonderful collaborative charity project - the Pink Project. Go and check this out it is absolutely bee-utiful what all of the contributors did and Monica (the organizer gal), who sewed all of the squares together and also created the doll body...lots of talent here. I was great being a small, yet important part of the overall process :-)

The project that I will be highlighting here is a little candle mat that I made with wool felt applique.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Farmgirl at Heart

What does being a Farm Girl mean to you?
Please post a photo of either yourself, or your farm or home...or something in your home that shouts "Farm Girl and proud of it!"
(example..chicken collection, John Deere collection, old farm tools, etc.)

I have lived in the country while growing up. My paternal grandfather was a cow farmer and loved his tractor, while my paternal grandmother did her sewing and canning. She was also at one time a 4-H leader and taught sewing to my aunts and all of the girls in their group. I have lots of fond memories of my sister and I going up the hill to their house and picking apples and raspberries and helping my dad in his auto shed that was up there too. People sometimes look at me funny when I refer to daffodils as jonquils...these golden beauties were everywhere along our road.

We were taught the country way of life and the important values of the heart, and tho I live in the city now, I carry these thoughts and ways of living with me (tho at times I do get caught in the cycle of convenience). I still dream of the day of owning a small piece of farmland with my husband and maybe owning a bed and breakfast/guest house.

To me, something as simple as an old berry basket or Mason jars shouts "farmgirl and proud of it"...reminds me of those joyful berry picking days and the simplicity of the country way of life.