Monday, April 14, 2008

Farmgirl at Heart

What does being a Farm Girl mean to you?
Please post a photo of either yourself, or your farm or home...or something in your home that shouts "Farm Girl and proud of it!"
(example..chicken collection, John Deere collection, old farm tools, etc.)

I have lived in the country while growing up. My paternal grandfather was a cow farmer and loved his tractor, while my paternal grandmother did her sewing and canning. She was also at one time a 4-H leader and taught sewing to my aunts and all of the girls in their group. I have lots of fond memories of my sister and I going up the hill to their house and picking apples and raspberries and helping my dad in his auto shed that was up there too. People sometimes look at me funny when I refer to daffodils as jonquils...these golden beauties were everywhere along our road.

We were taught the country way of life and the important values of the heart, and tho I live in the city now, I carry these thoughts and ways of living with me (tho at times I do get caught in the cycle of convenience). I still dream of the day of owning a small piece of farmland with my husband and maybe owning a bed and breakfast/guest house.

To me, something as simple as an old berry basket or Mason jars shouts "farmgirl and proud of it"...reminds me of those joyful berry picking days and the simplicity of the country way of life.


GardenGoose said...

hope to see your apron and farm girl heart entries soon. it has been so much fun learning about and sharing with my farm girl "sisters".
so glad you decided to join in too.

madrekarin said...

Sweet post, Amy! I agree about berry baskets and Mason jars. THey are absolute farmgirl fare!

GardenGoose said...

love the photo of the berry basket,clothespins, and jar..they remind me of things like the berry picking,hanging clothes on the line too. loved your post. I hope that one day you are able to have your bed and brakfast.

Grand Life said...

I'm also doing the "farm girl" posts. I enjoyed your blog. Have a great week.