Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back on the Blog Party Bandwaggon

Share with us something you have created lately.
A tea towel, a wall hanging, a new set of kitchen curtains,a dress,an altered art creation...anything "crafty" that you have created lately.
We'd like to see photos of course!
OK, so I I have fell off the blog a thon bandwaggon for a bit....lots of things keeping me from being able to be on the computer to post....but I am back on it now :)

I have to wait to post pics later on this week when I am at my home PC...all of my photos are on there.

I LOVE creating crafty goodness with my hands. I love to make things with paper and I enjoy playing with fabrics and paints...I will even slip some dye colors in too (depending on what I am working with). I also love using vintagey type photos for my work too. I have been playing with wool felt pieces too.

I also love creating artwork for an important cause. I recently added my creative 2 cents in a wonderful collaborative charity project - the Pink Project. Go and check this out it is absolutely bee-utiful what all of the contributors did and Monica (the organizer gal), who sewed all of the squares together and also created the doll body...lots of talent here. I was great being a small, yet important part of the overall process :-)

The project that I will be highlighting here is a little candle mat that I made with wool felt applique.


GardenGoose said...

hey, thanks for sharing about the types of crafts you like to do.
hope you have a great week.

Autumn said...

I LOVE this candle mat!!!
Wool felt is my favorite- it's addicting too!

Amy Ellen said...

That little sheep is so darn cute!! I really like him or her, LOL