Tuesday, October 30, 2007

From One Farmgirl to Another

Paying it Forward:

How great is it when we all look out for one another and brighten the day of someone else who we do not know yet?!?!

I came across the other day, a fellow Farmgirl's blog - Karin at "Meandering Travels of Mindless Thoughts" - The post was called "Paying it Forward". I thought, "wow this is really neat and would love to brighten someones day with some artwork or small homemade goodness and then pass the PIF task on to someone else willing to jump in and do the same for 3 others.

It is that simple - 3 people answering the "kindness call" to spread the goodness and then asking 3 more to do likewise onto others.

So, the first three lovely commenters to this post who are willing to partake in this incredible opportunity will receive a little creative token of love from me. Below are the rules of the game (copied from Dawn & Karin):
1. You comment on this post.

2. You receive a handmade gift from ME.

3. You post this message on YOUR blog and offer THREE more handmade gifts to the first three commenters.

4. Thus, the cycle continues and everyone has fun and beautiful crafts to display in their home.I will contact you for your addresses.Please leave a comment if you choose. Spread your wings. Sprinkle joy. Lift another. Pay it forward.

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CountryintheBurbs said...

I think it would be fun to do that! I make alot of things and love giving them to people! I hope you get two more people so we can keep this going! Take care and come see my blog sometime. I haven't posted in a while due to being ill, but I'll be up and running again by the weekend!!

Farmgirl HUGS!!
Tammy Claxton